Cost for botox

Plastic surgeons and medi spas in Sydney have various methods of charging for Botox. Therefore it is important to include the different administration areas and the amount of Botox typically used in that area, in order to properly estimate the varying cost of Botox.


The typical areas for botox injections are as follows:

Glabellar lines: (between and just above the eyebrows) 20-40 units of BOTOX® (20 units = .8cc)Upper forehead lines: 25-40 units of BOTOX®

Crow’s feet: (wrinkles and squint lines radiating outwards from the outer corners of the eyes) 10-20 units of botoxAnterior neck: (to reduce jowls, and to reduce vertical and horizontal lines on the anterior neck) 30-40 units of botox

NOTES: Each vial of Botox contains 100 units of Botox® and should be diluted with no more than 4 cc of saline.If your surgeon dilutes the Botox® with more than 4 cc of saline, then you will be getting a smaller dose of Botox® which will be less effective and shorter lasting.

Plastic surgeons often charge “per area” as opposed to “per cc” and the cost of Botox is generally somewhere between $250-$400″per area”.

CAUTION! Make sure you clarify what the “area” consists of. I have experienced cosmetic surgeons who consider one area for example, both sides where there are crows feet. I have also been to cosmetic surgeons who consider only one side of the crows feet an “area” and therefore consider injecting botox in the crows feet two areas. Some of them will also consider the top of the forehead to be two areas instead of one.

CAUTION! Here is something else to consider when choosing a plastic surgeon or medi spa who either charges by the “cc” or by the “area”. If you go home and one week later, after the botox is in full effect, decide there was not enough botox administered, a physician who has charged “per area”, will in my experience, charge nothing if you return and explain the results are not as you expected. On the other hand, when a physician is charging you by the cc, you will more than likely be expected to pay for the additional Botox necessary to acheive the desired results.

The other popular method for determining the cost of botox is charging per cc. As I mentioned above, one might need anywhere from 10-40 cc’s per area (ie. both sides for crow’s feet). Medi spas and plastic surgeons are charging anywhere from $6 – $20 per cc. Therefore, if one was to need 20 cc’s of botox the total charge might be anywhere from $120-$400. Please see my ratings and reviews page for specific doctors and their rates.

Many cosmetic surgeons in Sydney and medi spas who give botox injections have specials on specific days, giving the consumer one day a week where they can save a considerable amount on Botox injections.